Thursday, March 15, 2007

Foam or plastic, you decide!

So I think the reason why people like writing evil characters, is that one can revel in the creative process that gives them these characters. Not the characters or their ...ristics, but in the sheer joy in stretching that far. I know I am not like them in any way, so it just becomes fun to play in their evil. I think if I felt any camaraderie with their actions, I don't think I could write them. It would be too close. But when they are just so icky, one can find much joy! The median-range too close for comfort evil would be much harder.

Back to Percy, the mannequin loving postal carrier. You know, if this story were to ever come to anything, I would have swaths of assorted groups of people angry at me. Swaths! LOL And I don't remember exactly now, because it has been 2+ years, but I think this fellow was based on a real guy. The details have blurred. ::blurs some more:: I hope to ink my story, so that all features of the real people from which this story sprang (should be a word) sprung, well the town anyway, blur.

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