Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kooser valentine received, moments enough?

I received my second annual Kooser valentine today. Little postcard, this year, mailed in Valentine NE. I am not sure he did that last year.

Anyway, sad note, as this will be the last of the series he tells us on the signature line above his name. Too bad. I wonder what it is like to get in at the beginning of some such thing.

Nicely written. Title is This Paper Boat. Ethereal form. As last year, I am not sure if I should type it out for you all. Maybe I will google first and see if it is out there. Good internal rhymes. He places the light weight of the card into the readers hand, like a heart given away. Sigh.

Glad I have the two I have, three actually, as the first, when I was brazen, was given to everyone at the reading.

Thank you Mr. Kooser. Well done! Happy Valentines day to you too!


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