Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fun with feathers

You know what is really hard? Keeping consistency with the rules of the universe of a story. Because I started writing this back in December I think, the story has evolved - as it should. But the consistency of the rules that guide the world in which my two characters live, has also. It has made the beginning of the story not feel quite right. I need to edit that first chapter to incorporate the evolved rules of the universe. Even the use of a few words now doesn't feel right. It has assumptions that the end of the story does not. That needs to be fixed.

I am happy with how the story moves along, and with the character development of the main character. I think the ending might be a bit abrupt and I might need to fill that in some more. But overall the premise of the story pleases me very much. Woot and hoo on that. Doesn't always happen I have to say! It has also lead to thoughts of a prequel, as well as a later happening story to tie up some expectations that develop.

Writing is so cool!

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