Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fun with feathers

You know what is really hard? Keeping consistency with the rules of the universe of a story. Because I started writing this back in December I think, the story has evolved - as it should. But the consistency of the rules that guide the world in which my two characters live, has also. It has made the beginning of the story not feel quite right. I need to edit that first chapter to incorporate the evolved rules of the universe. Even the use of a few words now doesn't feel right. It has assumptions that the end of the story does not. That needs to be fixed.

I am happy with how the story moves along, and with the character development of the main character. I think the ending might be a bit abrupt and I might need to fill that in some more. But overall the premise of the story pleases me very much. Woot and hoo on that. Doesn't always happen I have to say! It has also lead to thoughts of a prequel, as well as a later happening story to tie up some expectations that develop.

Writing is so cool!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reasons and locations

No new words. Just colds and sicknesses. I had fleeting poetical moments from the ice packed snow roads here. They do not plow. I wrote the bits down on a list paper and as I scan my desk right now, I cannot see it. It must be in one of the stacks upstairs. Poem called on account of stacks.

I think there are many reasons to write, and I followed a few blog's discussion of such the other day. I think exhaustion has a lot to do with lack of production. Certainly in my case anyway. Not that I want to think of this as production. It isn't a product. Not for me anyway.

I need to find a local writing group. I saw an ad once, but I never followed up on it. I really should do that. How this paragraph and the previous paragraph relate I think is obvious.

I shall write more when I have more to write. Right now I am just going to sneeze. Have a great evening.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kooser valentine received, moments enough?

I received my second annual Kooser valentine today. Little postcard, this year, mailed in Valentine NE. I am not sure he did that last year.

Anyway, sad note, as this will be the last of the series he tells us on the signature line above his name. Too bad. I wonder what it is like to get in at the beginning of some such thing.

Nicely written. Title is This Paper Boat. Ethereal form. As last year, I am not sure if I should type it out for you all. Maybe I will google first and see if it is out there. Good internal rhymes. He places the light weight of the card into the readers hand, like a heart given away. Sigh.

Glad I have the two I have, three actually, as the first, when I was brazen, was given to everyone at the reading.

Thank you Mr. Kooser. Well done! Happy Valentines day to you too!


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Ok, I just had a mini revelation. I don’t talk about it here much but our son died almost eight years ago. He was one of a set of twins. But that isn’t the revelation. I was just sitting on the closet floor (the box holding his stuff is too big to move and I noticed the silver cardboard of the box within) rereading some of the cards assorted friends and family sent us after he died. (Always send a card btw, they are helpful even years after.) What the revelation was and how it is related to my writing, is that several of the cards said, “…words are so inadequate”. And in a time like that they might feel like they are failing the event. They aren’t but that isn’t the revelation either. What the revelation was is that I really want my words that I write to not be inadequate. I think I want them to be the words that should be said. I know the reader may or may not have the experience I hope to achieve, heh, I have been on the internet enough to know that isn’t the case. I have been thinking about success in writing. Not financial, or anything like that, but the slow judgment of adequacy. I think my writing resumed after his death as a way to structure my thoughts. I want to be able to use words to pinpoint exactly what I want to say. Now about anything, but initially his/our situation. It is a honing in maybe, a microcosmic peering in at the macro. I think that is especially why poetry draws me now. I think success in poetry is success in that.

Anyway, that is the revelation. Please excuse the parenthetical abuse. Have a great day!