Saturday, January 20, 2007

A tiny writerly moment

I have been updating the Seraphim story. Edit tight. Anyway, I was just waiting for the water for my tea to heat (never boil) and I looked out the kitchen window. In a flash, and was indeed that quick, I felt what I think it must feel like to be a writer1. All of the time, not just in bits and snatches between other moments like the spaces between the tea leaves.2 It was a combination of the scent of the tea, the fallen snow outside, my warm sweatshirt and knitted fingerless gloves all felt while contemplating a story so far entitled The World is White. It passed, and I poured the water over the tea leaves and I came down here to capture the moment.

1 I have never felt this before, in a setting situation rather than while typing - hopefully. I do type hopefully.
2 Yes I know I have drained this metaphor dry in both poems and posts, but it is one I really like.

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