Monday, January 22, 2007

Time portals

In addition to all of its other attributes, Google is a time portal. I was googling a writer whose name I was trying to remember, who read at the University of Windsor one time, and I found the link to Generations, its undergrad poetry publication. I was published in that in 1982ish. I hoped some kind soul had not put them all online, but hadn't. It is probably better that way.

I think it was Czeslaw Milosz or another eastern European writer. I remember only that the book that writer had out that year he read, won all sorts of awards (which his did). None of his title's ring a bell though, so I am not sure. I didn't have the money to actually purchase the book from which he read, although my roommate did. The holes in the library.

I wish I had kept a list of all of the books I couldn't afford at the time. The list would have been long. Therefore, grateful for the googling.

Have a good one!

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