Saturday, January 13, 2007

Since The Road

Huh, Blogger changed the margins in the posting box here. Oh well.

Since reading The Road, I have noticed apocolyptic [heh, this word isn't in the Blogger spellcheck] sorts of themes in many movies over Christmas like The Terminator, and asteroids crashing into earth and other doomsday scenarios. Is that a New Years thing? Last night I had a dream about a saran attack on a nearby apartment building, when we were out of town. Stuff always happens off screen in my dreams. It is a thing. Then I was reading the internets this morning, and someone commented about the comet. Sigh.

Between world politics not being in a picnic basket, but other sorts, I can see how this is happening. Heck, maybe a short story will come from it. My mother in law told a story the other day, that I really want to use. It would tie nicely into this theme.

Have a great day. I am going to hit preview now, and see how this will look. Wish me luck! ETA: It was funky, so I reposted. ::tries again::

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