Saturday, January 06, 2007


Book group went well the other night. Goethe! Who knew? I knew next to nothing really about him, but I will definitely be reading more. His ideas about the role of the muse are captivating!

Another lady read my first poem (Caught), and then I read a few others. How nervous can one person be reading aloud what is normally an isolated effort? I am down here hunkered over the computer, and a happy few in the world see it, whilst I sit and type and feed the words out there. Now a few more in the world have seen. World grows.

I don't know what it is lately, but I have been having so many ideas for stories, and poems too. Glad to know that 2006 is staked, dead and gone, so maybe that has freed me. That year did weigh on me for a few (too many) reasons, so the hope of the new year reborn has begun. Gives me a new lease, rather than the mortgage and heavy price of the old.

I have the beginnings of another story, rather silly, but fun. I hope to work on the Seraphim story some more today, but the day's events might conspire to keep that from happening. We shall see! My ever hopeful chant/rant to the day. We shall see!

Have a lovely day!

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