Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back of the store where the lurkers toddle and sway

Getting hit on in the poetry section of B&N today was interesting. Partly due to my cluelessness and partly due to my nano earbuds I did not know what he was saying. I took out an ear bud, and I could then hear the fellow, older, greying and probably retired asking me if I had read a certain book of poetry. He asked me if I read poetry. I nodded. Then he said that he was a friend of Ted Kooser (everyone here claims that friendship! ooooh, I should have told him I got Kooser's valentine). I nodded again, and then he told me how much he loved this certain poet, whose name I won't write here because I don't want that traffic (I know that sounds horrible, but I learned my lesson with the moth and tears), and he suggested I purchase the chapbook. Then he sort of toddled off. Happy guy. I wished him well. Silently of course. I think he was as surprised as I meeting another person in the poetry section. That doesn't happen very often. Too bad the book of poetry was more concerned with centering poems, marbled paper and fancy fonts. Lesson learned: do not go gentle into that good chapbook. Rage a little, or toddle.

I ended up purchasing a biography of Dylan Thomas. Can't remember the author's name and I am too lazy to go upstairs and look. [ETA: I am not completely slothful: Dylan Thomas: A New Life by Andrew Lycett] When I picked up that book, I had a memory flash of another book I wanted to look for, but then it was gone in a whisp. Never did return. I am looking forward to learning more about Thomas. I only know some of his poetry; very little about him.

Have a lovely evening, what is left of it of course!

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