Thursday, January 25, 2007


You know how you know a poetry mag is good? If you are just thumbing through it, and are already blown away. Poetry East is that for me. I can't find a huge number of poetry journals around here but this one is usually available at B&N. I have to say, that every issue I have read has really excellent poetry. There is a certain gentleness that this one has. It doesn't seem to have pretensions and if it does, it doesn't worry about it, or feel the need to argue, but is just comfortable with who it is. Yes, I do anthromorphise everything. And again, superb poetry.

::pads off to read::

Also I realized the other day reading Poetry, that poets and poetry are like Canadians, always trying to figure out who and what they are. Canadians always feel the need to find who they are (in the shadow of the US), and reading the discussions about the need for poetry, its justifications, worth of the poet, those two things linked for me. Poetry, the Canadian to the Prose that is the looming and more financially successful American.

But then again, what do I know.

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