Wednesday, December 13, 2006

News, but not really

Just bits today. I am extremely amused by the searches that bring people to this blog. Most recent, "moms and cocktails". That would be right. Having children teaches you what it means to want a drink sometimes. But not always.

Also, when you upgrade your blogger account to the new Beta style, it doesn't bring along all of your links and other html you have on the blog. I realized this place looked a little spartan, and then I realized what had happened. Only slightly annoying.

I am reading Inda by Sherwood Smith and enjoying it very much. Neat world she has set up, and the characters are extremely engaging. Just a few chapters in, but it has captured me.

I have added a little to my story about one character. I haven't quite decided how he will work, other than some amount of exposition, and as a parallel character gone evil. Well not so much evil, as just really icky. It is amazing how much ick I can draw out of this guy. Scary that. And the parallels arising with the main character surprise me, but it works I think.

Have a lovely evening. I will be eating ginger cookies and cake for the duration of the evening, so I am quite happy with that.

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