Friday, December 22, 2006


I redid some links on the side bar. The WeBlogAlot one was a bitch. Took way to long. I also added an About Me. Short and sweet. Not like me in the first, but sometimes in the latter.

I feel like I should be writing end of year roundups in assorted places. Not the end of the year yet. It would feel premature. That is what New Years day is for, to clean up the last of the prior year. Sweep sweep.

Speaking of cleaning up, I wrote another short story. Now I think it should be dumped. Edit and more editing. We shall see if it actually gets posted anywhere. You see, in my head I have a vision of what I want my writing to be like, but what comes out of my fingers is so very different. The goal I think is to get what is inside to in some small way equate what comes out. That is my challenge. So bloody hard.

And when you read more and wider, you see what paltry offerings you are actually making. Hence the edits....

Darn. Making cookies right now. I always lose one batch, and these would be it. Standing around watching food cook is not that enjoyable, so I wander off to post or whatever. One batch every time.

Have a lovely day!

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