Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007, T - 7.5 hours

I am reading the essays at the back of Vol 1 of the Norton poetry two volume set I got the other day. I love snarky Auden! I did not know this. And the Wallace Stevens that is really very sweet. I guess neither should surprise me. But it did.

Amusingly, I like that the name Norton is associated with voluming literature much the same way that he is protecting my computer. Not a mailman any more...

Have a great NYE. You know what I will be doing. Plus marathoning Planet of the Apes. We are about to start #3.

Much love,


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We aren't talking about hockey here


This is where I will be!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Donald Hall

I love this poem. The formatting is mucked up, but the kernel remains.

Letters without Addresses from White Apples and the Taste of Stone will kill you dead. I don't mind the topic at all, some might. They will think it is using disaster to feed the poet; I think I have read that about Hall. But I think, and know, that when you have stared such things in the face, and reappeared on the other side, using it for poetry isn't the worst of it. It is a means to be, to frame the unframable. And when Hall can do this with such grace, all the better. I especially liked Midsummer Letter. In Distressed Haiku he says:

You think that their
dying is the worst
thing that could happen.

Then they stayed dead.

That my dear readers is one of the truest statements I have ever read. No poetics, no imagery, just a few syllables, a style, broken.

The other is from Ardor:

Lust is grief
that has turned over in bed
to look the other way.

I took a moment after that one. Poetry demands you take the moment.

Take a moment and enjoy your day.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

despite the tears

I hope to write something soon about The Road, new book by Cormac McCarthy. This book I started at the book store, but it wouldn't leave me be, so I ordered it and it came the other day. I only got to it today, and it was one of the most amazing novels I ever read. It is bleak beyond words, and McCarthy's sparse style works with these themes. I won't give anything away, but it isn't as unlikely a pre-Christmas read, as you would think.

This followed Donald Hall's poems this morning. This was grief typed into words. I will post short snippets later too I hope. Damn.


Friday, December 22, 2006


I redid some links on the side bar. The WeBlogAlot one was a bitch. Took way to long. I also added an About Me. Short and sweet. Not like me in the first, but sometimes in the latter.

I feel like I should be writing end of year roundups in assorted places. Not the end of the year yet. It would feel premature. That is what New Years day is for, to clean up the last of the prior year. Sweep sweep.

Speaking of cleaning up, I wrote another short story. Now I think it should be dumped. Edit and more editing. We shall see if it actually gets posted anywhere. You see, in my head I have a vision of what I want my writing to be like, but what comes out of my fingers is so very different. The goal I think is to get what is inside to in some small way equate what comes out. That is my challenge. So bloody hard.

And when you read more and wider, you see what paltry offerings you are actually making. Hence the edits....

Darn. Making cookies right now. I always lose one batch, and these would be it. Standing around watching food cook is not that enjoyable, so I wander off to post or whatever. One batch every time.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

What was the name of that surfer dude vampire on Buffy?

So, every time for the past few days, that I have seen the title of this blog (last line of the finished, never finished now, sonnet I wrote a while ago) I think it should be changed to a Page of Whoa!!!... /Keanu Reeves imitation. That amuses me. Every time now that I post someone else's poem that I am particularly impressed blown away enraptured with, I will tag those page of whoa. Works for me.

Read about 20 pages of Cormac McCarthy's The Road tonight, so I added it to my Amazon cart. Once I pop a few more gifts into that, I will hit purchase and be off.

I may have to tag this tipsy post too. Just one glass. Sigh. Vampire wine rules. Good stuff.

Have a lovely evening.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

News, but not really

Just bits today. I am extremely amused by the searches that bring people to this blog. Most recent, "moms and cocktails". That would be right. Having children teaches you what it means to want a drink sometimes. But not always.

Also, when you upgrade your blogger account to the new Beta style, it doesn't bring along all of your links and other html you have on the blog. I realized this place looked a little spartan, and then I realized what had happened. Only slightly annoying.

I am reading Inda by Sherwood Smith and enjoying it very much. Neat world she has set up, and the characters are extremely engaging. Just a few chapters in, but it has captured me.

I have added a little to my story about one character. I haven't quite decided how he will work, other than some amount of exposition, and as a parallel character gone evil. Well not so much evil, as just really icky. It is amazing how much ick I can draw out of this guy. Scary that. And the parallels arising with the main character surprise me, but it works I think.

Have a lovely evening. I will be eating ginger cookies and cake for the duration of the evening, so I am quite happy with that.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bicentennial anniversary of sorts

200 posts here now.

When I started this, ::waxes philosophical:: I thought I would detail writing. I have, when I have been writing. This story I started is continuing in my mind, and I actually came to a realization about one scene just the other day! I was very pleased the two parts of the story converged the way they did. Now I just need to you know, actually write it.

All this writing I have done in several places now, often times for month long efforts, has taught me a couple of things. Yes, I do like to talk about myself. And I like to talk about my life going on around me. I am comfortable doing that it seems. It is a way for me to set stuff straight, finalize it, and make it sound.

I think the story has to proceed the same way. It will work itself out. The two parts working their way to each other is proof of that. Some say the story will tell itself, and I don’t know, but sometimes that does seem true. The imagining is the easy part. But the writing, the work of the story, I am more lazy about. I know that too. But it seems that things do take their own time, so I will let them. I mostly have taken that attitude about my writing, and life does intrude on it, and that is a fact I wouldn’t change. I do understand why writers have writer’s weekends though. Opportune time for me to write, when I actually can, is generally when I am not awake yet, or too tired late in the day to think about it. Not a room, as I have said before.

This place has turned toward poetry sometimes too. April, particularly with NaPoWriMo. Twice now, and probably a third go round in a few months. I have workshopped one of the poems, from last April, and will continue to as time allows. I also have a sonnet hanging unmetered over my head (I am picturing a diving board), that I really do want to fix. Plus others I haven’t looked at in months. They are waiting, like the apple in the tree next door. Still hanging you know, two winters now. If that apple can hang on, so can I. Wizened and gnarled. Hopefully the poetry doesn’t come out that way.

I think I am a better writer now too. Learned how much I need to learn, and that is the hallmark of learning. Once you think you know it all, you lose. I think whatever voice this is people hear when they read what I write, is clearer too. I have said elsewhere that the voice on the page, bright screen, does sound like the one I hear in my head. Most of the time. What that says about me to you, what you hear, is none of my business. Nothing I can do about that anyway so I don’t worry about it. I try, especially in the poetry I write, to get a little of my world, how I see it, in the poem. People have commented they like the “voice” in my poetry. That made me very happy. Connection!

There was more I meant to write, about this 200, but now I don’t remember. See, I didn’t write it down…

On to the next 200. Thank you for reading! Have a lovely evening.

Friday, December 01, 2006

How many months are in the year?

Oh my. I might do this here.

Round up

Well, NaBloPoMo was fun. I would like to thank Crushing Krisis for relentlessly pimping this blog. That was very sweet. Much traffic came here from your blogs, so thanks! And Pink Elephant for randomizing us all. That was very interesting. Some people live very differently than I. Certainly made for interesting reading.

Much fun, more later!