Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wishes and spice

I finally officially started my Christmas shopping. I had purchased a few things in the summer, forgot I had purchased those things, bought the same people new gifts but all of that wasn't official. I now have officially begun. Went to the mall and everything. Some luck, but ugh, the mall. Really kills the Christmas spirit.

Plus the war and all, that doesn't exactly do much for it either, given that people are dying. Focus shouldn't be on commercialism. Kind of galling.

But now started. A few good ideas for a few people. Imagine that, actually lining up wants with the actual findings. One gift purchased already in the non-official phase, is the most perfect gift I may ever buy. I peaked early this year.

And it isn't even American Thanksgiving yet. I guess if I go by Canada's Thanksgiving, the timing is a little better.

Now to think about other stuff, and um, dinner. Oh, the chili feed, good news update. They had a shaker of spice, so the chili actually had some flavour. Who knew?

Have a great day!

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