Saturday, November 18, 2006

Whipper snapper, Max the dog who would be king

Seussian FYI. They have plush Dr. Seuss Christmas toys at Kohl’s. We just bought Max, the dog that would be king. Or at least rides a sleigh as if he was. The store was packed but my daughter and I maneuvered around the throngs like the Grinch going down the mountain. ::snaps whip::

Plus we got a few gifts too. Gone just for an hour or so, but we got a good start. We did a budget earlier today to show the kids who much Christmas costs. My daughter added up the total and was surprised. Yeah, I know how she feels. I do love Kohl’s for inexpensive, trendy and useful gifts.

The list is long but not unwieldy. We do gift exchanges amongst my side’s siblings so that makes it easier too. No great plans for Thanksgiving. Just hang out and maybe cook a turkey product of some kind. I think Thanksgiving here is too close to Christmas. The Canadian choice of timing is more conducive to keeping the turkey love alive. With American Thanksgiving it really does feel piled on.

Have a lovely weekend! We are three fifths of the way done! Keep it going!!

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