Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I don't think no matter how old I get, I won't be surprised by how a day can turn. With no expectations, of anything really, or maybe expecting the same old same old, which gets really old, very quickly, the day will change, and give you the most unexpected surprises, none of which you could have ever imagined. For some days, that is the reason you can get out of bed. Because you know that it might change. Might is a mighty strong word.

Today was one of those days. And for that I am very glad. And grateful too. The weariness that can hold you back, can't keep you back. There is a big distinction between those.

I guess this is turning into a Thanksgiving post. Gratitude is pretty heady stuff too. I have written about that before, so I won't again. But I wanted to mark it here today.

Song and wine, is how this day will end. That is a good thing too. Have a lovely evening!

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