Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time again

For those that celebrate it, 30 days until Christmas.

Yesterday this blog passed 2000 page loads. Boggling to me. So thank you.

This morning on Meet the Press Arnold Schwarzenegger actually seemed reasonable regarding this country's future. More boggling. Maybe the less than reasonable Republicans are being or will be cast aside. Can only hope. Oooh, first time I have ever talked politics here.

I opened several Word files yesterday to work on my story, but then my son needed, wanted, to work on his. How could I let that pass? I couldn't. I have a room of my own, but more time, time is needed. How long is a day again?

Twenty year chunks seem short now. They never used to, but now they do.

Proust, yes, I am still reading him, in bits as it is very rich, has somehow worked his magic on my memory. So much is coming back lately. The gist of this month's Nablopomo has been on account of that. Dresser drawers and such. Four more posts after this one, and I will have spent a third month here, posting every day. April 05, April 06 and now November 06. Marking that time.

Have a great day!

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