Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Things I have learned today

  • I am not ready for my daughter's teenage years. I will never be. Given that she isn't one yet, it worries me some. It should. That is OK.
  • William Shakespeare's 17th sonnet is more brilliant every time I read it. That is wonderful.
  • Not speaking correct Danish in Denmark will result in double breakfasts. That is amusing.
  • Blogging is misperceived by some people. When they have some influence, that can be troubling, but when they don't they just look stupid. When their view is discounted because it is so wrong, that is even more amusing.
  • A story about camping trips to Alaska, written by a 7 year old, that reach to 17 pages, are impressive. The dialogue even moreso.
  • Windy trickster weather that starts out warm and humid, but plunges to cold and dreary isn't my favorite kind. But I knew that already.
  • Keeping a laptop Word file open in front of the tv, while watching same, to keep a running list of possible Christmas gifts to suggest to Santa, is brilliant.

Have a great day.

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