Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things between

Between cleaning the turkey, and making jam filled puff pastry for breakfast, I read a poem that was lovely. Sometimes really harsh events are made [insert word as I can't decide] by writing about it. I just read a poem that did that. It was so lovely, filled with longing, even after many years. Merging the pain and the love and the loss and doing it well is very difficult. I know, I have tried. This person did. So yay.

Nice way to start the morning. Sometimes when you have seen hell, and survived, and didn't know why you could survive, the change it causes is almost bigger than that hell. Or longer lasting anyway. Muted over the years a little, but not really.

In other news the doctor who is working on the syndrome that claimed our son has a few new papers out. Gotta read those. Not a scientist here, but the bits I can glean help a little.

The turkey is soaking, and the bread for the stuffing is drying. So between those I have gotten a little writing done here and there. More later today I am hoping.

Have a lovely day. Make it worth it.


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