Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Smarties boxes

Yesterday I was reminded of a childhood memory. In Canada there is such a candy called Smarties, much like M&M’s but sweeter. And without the copy written m of course. I usually pick up a box when we are back in Canada. Just one because I am rather partial to Aero chocolate bars. Freeze Aero bars and then you have a smashingly icy chocolate shard treat. I digress.

What I was reminded of yesterday was the musical activity associated with those Smarties boxes. I had completely forgotten. My brother, sister and I used to form musical bands using the Smarties boxes as instruments. We would stretch our lips around the opened end of the box and use it as a wind instrument. Squeezing the box would alternate the sound’s pitch. We would march around the loop through the vestibule, kitchen, dining room and living room and then back to the vestibule pretending we were in a marching band. There may or may not have been other instruments.

Another aspect to eating Smarties is the variety of ways you can actually eat them. You can:

  • Pour half the box into your mouth and crunch down on all of them. Choking hazard high.
  • You can eat one at a time, slowly letting it melt. First the candy comes off. You check its colour progression, as it turns white. Eventually it is soft enough that you can press down, flattening it into nothing.
  • You can hold it upright in your fingers, and try to crack it in half flat ways and vertical. This is the most difficult of the styles, but success allows you to eat the chocolate without eating the candy coating. You then can save up all of the candy to crunch through later.
  • You can just simply chew them one by one, but the flavour sensations are decreased without the tactile crunch or smooth.

Have a chocolate-coated day!

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