Monday, November 13, 2006


My son is doing a family tree for his class project for Thanksgiving. They were given a clothespin that they have to dress in their family custom. Since most his family tree is Scottish, he elected to dress this pin with a kilt and a bagpipe. The idea of a man in a skirt was very amusing to him. We printed out the appropriate tartan and I pleated it into a skirt for this doll. He did the rest. It looks adorable. We printed out a bagpipe and he taped it to the doll.

What surprised me about this exercise was the family history I learned. I wasn’t sure of my great grandfather’s name (mother’s father’s father). My mum wasn’t sure either, but she called her sister and found out that his name was Seraphim. How cool is that? Highest rank of angels!! I love that too much. His wife’s name, I haven’t gotten a handle on yet. Everyone called her Mimie (pronounced Mim me). I was supposed to be named after her, Victoria, but the pronunciation my mother uses, doesn’t work. The French translation for Victoria is Victoria, yet she pronounces it like Vitolynn. I have to find out why that is.

There are so many blades of grass lurking around our family tree, each small, hidden amongst the masses, but waiting to be found.

How cool is that?!


  1. Dropping by from NaBloPoMo. That certainly is an incredible and beautiful name to have in the family. I'm currently looking at my family history and have found Irish, Swedish and possibly French links. We've got some confusion around names too, which makes it all the more intriguing I think.

  2. Welcome! Thank you. I have mostly French if I do it with the math, but Scottish and Irish also. It is so very intriguing and I will have to delve into the family tree some more.