Sunday, November 05, 2006

Run or hold

“Starry night in my bedroom” at the bottom of the stairs. Or imagine with song, "Starry starry night".

Since I seem to have a theme going, I will run with it carefully.

When my daughter was in kindergarten, each week they would study one artist, and then be allowed to attempt to replicate that artist’ work. Toward the end of the year, they studied Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The kids then did a drawing using Starry Night as their inspiration. My daughter did one, a drawing of her bedroom, with the starry night sky as backdrop. She named it “Starry night in my bedroom.” It had her ceiling hold the stars. When we moved here I didn’t want it to be stuck away somewhere but she didn’t want it in her room any longer. I put it on the wall at the bottom of the stairs so we could continue to enjoy it. Unintentionally humourous, and because the kids had moved onto the next artist, she signed it XXX Picasso. Moving on.

This morning when I came downstairs to sign on online there it was as it has been for five years. Since I have spoken about memories at the top of the stairs, I thought this at the bottom of the stairs would be fodder for another day. Fodder, that which we have that can we use.

I am a packrat for this reason. Each object has memory that it elicits. Some have a famous cookie, or for me, a vanity placed in my eye view or a daughter’s drawing. Cleaning out old things is very difficult for me. I get caught in the item’s snare and it holds tight. Sometimes, the object is all that remains, and the snare keeps the memory a little more tangible. I am very aware this is true for me. I think the running part from the sentence above was more true rather than the carefully.

Have a great day.

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