Sunday, November 12, 2006

Randomness, moms and wagons and cocktails

The NaBloPoMo randomizer has let me see a few of the other blogs participating in this effort. Surprizingly to me at least, there are many tales of woe about completing this and apparently many have fallen off the wagon. Hmm. We are at day ::checks:: 12, and I feel I have barely started.

Others have also commented on the number of moms doing this. Yes, moms have much to say, but not always anyone to say it to. This is perfectly logical to me. When you are happily at home with your children, the need to speak to adults is like chocolate decadence. Wishes and dreams. Teh internets give them this chance. I wish I had this tool when my kids were young. Woulda been nice. So yay moms on the internet. Go you!! Like a playdate without leaving the house. And without all those extra kids.

Playdates with cocktails are also now the rage apparently. When we lived in CT 5 years ago, there was one group that I knew about that did such things. Their membership was closed. No wonder. Women would friend others just to get invited. That always made me laugh. We would have our own, less organized, version of the same thing. Again, less with the mess.

Have a great day. Write people, the world is waiting!!

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