Thursday, November 02, 2006


I think I am doing this. Yes, I know, as if April isn't enough. I can't do Nanowrimo for a number of reasons, but this is something I might be able to do to jumpstart working on my story. Considering that the affectionate name for doing this blog posting is blop, I think that exactly right. Rather than drip drop, the royal we shall blop. Bigger and more long lasting than just drips, how does that sound? And since I actually did post yesterday, I have a two day success! It could be a dance too! Do the blop!

I do want to work on some of the poems from last April, and I do want to work on my story, and I maybe even could do book reviews. We (again!) shall see.

So have a great day, and I look forward to this newest adventure. Sometimes you need to place adventure in your life, rather than wait for it to find you! I have been learning this recently! [Dislaimer: only healthy and happy adventure, thank you very much!]


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