Monday, November 06, 2006


Some nights when I go to bed, I notice the light of the moon. Nothing out of the ordinary with the moon shining of course, as it does that most nights of the month.

I noticed a brighter light last night. The light captured my eye as I was rounding the banister to go upstairs. Even though it was late, I opened the front door and stood on the porch. I leaned forward and looked overhead and around the porch roof to see the moon just past full. The thinnest wisp clouds softly buffered its brightness. They lent a tinted glaze that erased the bright edges some. I leaned forward for just a moment and held the view. I knew at that moment I would write of it this morning.

So this morning, about 20 minutes ago, when I sat up in bed, I could see still streaming moonlight, this time in the back of the house. I came down stairs to make coffee. But before I turned on any lights, I looked out the kitchen window. The moon, this time in the west, was just over the back tree. There were more clouds, puffed black and grey in the shadow of the light. They were fat and dense. No light got through these thick clouds. They were holding back the moonlight for the morning sun. The light that fell between the clouds lit the back yard, the play structure, and the now empty garden. The fallen leaves were bright moon facing, yet the deepest black beneath.

How the light strikes its target in the night has always captured me. So different from daylight, that we are used to. The blue hue that moonlight shines upon everything is my favorite colour. I don’t know what it is really named, but I call it midnight blue. Not black, not inky purple, not even just at midnight, just a shade, a moment, that needs the moon to be.

Sometimes, even in the dark, we are given a light, to be.

Have a great day!

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