Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I don't know

I was thinking of doing a post of things today that I did know. But those around me did not seem to know. Although they were the ones that should have known. But I am not a vindictive person, particularly, so I won't. But in my mind, I am jumping around with a bunch of nananana's. Yes, a certain part of me will always be three.

I don't particularly like when I feel like this, this assuredness really doesn't suit me when it is only putting down others. So I speak not of this sort of thing, except here. That is amusing too. It is too bad that in some places, the only glee is vindictive. Sour seeds to sow and that sort of idea.

Have a great evening. Now I will wander off to the just noticed boiling water for noodles.

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