Friday, November 10, 2006

Dressing table update, and sour cream

Dressing table update. I just asked my mum from whence it came, (fittingly archaic given the age of this table) and she said it was in their house when they bought it 41 years ago. She said that she figured it was in the bathroom, because the bedroom would have been packed tight with the huge number of children the previous owners had. So mystery from day 2 of this writing exercise deepens.

Also, she said that her dad, my grandfather, for a treat, would put sour cream on crackers, and then sprinkle it with brown sugar. Eww. A recipe that should be lost to the ages. That story prompted by her asking me if I put sour cream on burritos. I do not. I would never ravage a delicious burrito in that manner. The flavours from the burrito itself should be enough to carry the taste. If not, why would one bother eating it in the first place? For some things, yes, I am a purist. Not most, because the world is never that black and white, but for others, completely.

This looks to be a ramble, and I have to leave to go and get said burrito –black bean and guacamole, OMG it is delicious. Maybe shredded beef with that, I don’t know what my mood will be.

Have a great evening!

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