Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chili feed, and no, I don't know if that is a verb or not

We are off to a "chili feed" shortly. The name is disgusting I think. When I eat I don't want it to be referred to as a "feed". It sounds like something you feed to chili to make it grow, sort of like processed american cheese being referred to as "cheese food". In addition to the chili, which is pretty standard bland stuff, they serve baby carrots with ranch dressing, oyster crackers, and a mix of raisins and candy. Oh, and a cinnamon roll. That combination of foods is the tradition here for large group dinners at grade schools. Until I moved here, I had never heard of chili with a cinnamon roll. Cinnamon in my chili but never with a roll. Cinnamon rolls are for breakfast, not dinner.

The problem with serving large groups of people, is that a common denominator needs to be achieved, and then no one is happy. Well, not me anyway. That is why I never host a potluck. If I have guests, I will feed them. I don't need to have them bring food, wine yes! but never food. I will do that. Plus, half the time I go to potlucks, I get food poisoning. No luck there.

Wish me luck! Off to the feed! Urghh.

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