Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Challenges, cornucopia runneth over...

I think the greater challenge for Thanksgiving is not to give the standard thanks, or be grateful, because most of us are or at least know we should be, but to place the wants in a more proper place. Maybe to not to be beholden to those wants in a way that lessens the gratitude for what we already have. Selfishness has a place, definitely, heck survival sometimes, but for most of us, what we have is so very large, the ability to actually be grateful is even more icing on that cake. If you have time to be grateful, you are even luckier you do. Some people don't have that.

In some ways none of us really deserve anything, no giant spreadsheet in the sky making sure we get what should be due, but that also negates the good stuff. The accounting of life means that we have the time and ability to actually add it up. Probably time that would be more wisely spent elsewhere.

The what we deserve concept has been eating up some of my time lately too. I realize that as much as the kind and the good should be rewarded, because hey, fairness, it is only sometimes given that expression. So it becomes a concept of reward. And that is accounting again.

Once again I am running in circles. Like the lucky, filled with received desires, Thanksgiving cornucopia, spewing its contents. Have a great evening.

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