Friday, November 17, 2006


I can't remember if I have posted about this before. I think I have. Either way, I love the name and history and noxiousness of this plant. With a name like that you would think it would be luscious and a plant every gardener would want to grow.

I was stunned when googling for my story to find the real name of what we always called a stinkweed tree. I love that incongruity. Very much. I do tend to like to be surprised about facts such as this. Long history this plant has.

When I was a kid there was one next door that the owners had allowed to reach huge heights. Eventually some sort of bug infested it, and it was finally removed. The bugs were so numerous that my parents couldn't even sit on their porch in the evening. A true infestation that affected the surrounding areas. This tree I am using in my story. Yes, Trapper still resides in this blog, despite my recent NaBloPoMo efforts. Trying to round it back here. I started rereading the yet unnumbered chapter, and found the link. I don't number chapters until I know where they shall go. Still undecided on the parental death chapter. Partly flashback, partly not. Hence the unnumbering.

Also noticed upon rereading this bit in this chapter, seems to be a theme in my writing. Scary that. I really do pull back from that. I am not yet comfortable with seeing the themes emerge. I thought this was supposed to be fiction. I am making it up, but alas, stuff surfaces. I guess I can't go forth until I get a hold on that. The fact that I do broken children comfortably scares me a lot. I have seen broken children, so I know. I wish I didn't. But not really, either. They need their story told too.

Oh, and the Serephim name is lurking around too. Plot bunnies with fallen angels, multiple wings, heh, I might have to do something with that too!

So little time. Have a great day!

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