Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Normally I don’t like posting on blogs in the evening. I am tired, I am a little pissy but mostly I feel rushed. I really hate feeling rushed. So as the day ticks down, here I am at 6:40, post dinner, thinking about what to write. Before the kids need to get to bed, and before husband needs the computer. Rushed.

There is a "10 weird things about me" meme going around. I think I did that before. One thing I did note about that meme, is most of the items people list I don’t think that weird. Not really anyway. The texture that makes us, us.

I was also contemplating blue again. My favorite colour for most of my life. I have changed shades, but never really lost the blue joy. My favorite of the blues is what I call midnight blue. That inky, but not purple, blue shade that is the colour of the sky right before sunrise. It isn’t black, and it is lit just a certain way.

People always complement me when I wear clothes the colour of the baby blue sky, but I really don’t like that shade of blue very much. People say it brings out my eyes. Granted, but I think when I wear grey that does excellent things to my eyes. A deeper darker blacker blue shade. When I was in college, I found a shade of nail polish that was exactly the colour of my eyes. I posed a lot when wearing that colour. Would kinda freak people out that the colour was such a match. Much fun! It gave them something to focus on rather than my spiky ever-changing hair colour.

For a while when my children still had blue eyes, for a month or two before they turned their final hazel colour, their irises were ringed with gold. The best eye colour ever. I have only seen that a few times in my life.

Have a great evening.

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