Monday, August 21, 2006

I am still here

Yes, but alas life has taken time I hadn't expected. Vacations and visitors, filling the hours and days.

I thought about two poems to write, remembered one I had started, about train tickets. I read a Rilke poem that inspired me to write one about my father. And a few other ideas I did take notes to remember.

So this isn't out of my realm of thought (just not action) despite 5 weeks having passed since I wrote here last.

I think by September things should have smoothed, velvet-like we (the royal we, me and my pen) hope, so that I can begin my fall in the way I would prefer. A room of ones own is nice, but the time to be able to spend writing there is much more valuable.

Hope your summer has passed in a way you would have preferred. Have a lovely evening!

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