Sunday, July 16, 2006

Honest, I don't count words...

but when I do, it is fascinating to me. So far this "what ever it is" is at 27,661 words. I really don't think in terms of count, but every couple of months I count the words, just to see. Because I want another base to compare this to. A gauge of sorts. The story in many ways has just sorted itself out, the background is taking up more and more, because for the action in the present to happen, and be clear and have motivation, the backstory has to grow. I wonder if the story is there in the past, rather than the actual one I am telling. I feel more clear on the backstory.

I just printed out Ch. 2 to see where that is. What needs to be added. See, backstory. What a process. The coil of the story, each new thing clarifying the backstory. I can totally see how writers feel they can never finish, because there is always something new.

I know I have to go forward, because the drive back from the vacation in the story is happening. I have to rewrite the vacation too because there is stuff there I need to change. I know that. I have to add more backstory for the kid also, because the next pulse of the story will be a result of that.

Circles really.

Have a great day!

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