Sunday, July 09, 2006

Collation successful

Good morning. I have successfully collated the previously lost parts of Chapter One into the more recent Chapter One. It didn't add very much but a few images and ideas that I had forgotten. Some of the original C1 I have since moved into Chapter 2 and beyond. That will still require some placement.

Mostly what this has shown me, is the evolution of what I have done, how I have played with the characters, and changed them. This collation has taken the character to a new sort of third place, which I think collates him, them, a little better too. The initial pulse of this endeavor has changed over time, and I think this retrieved material helps me remember what I first was thinking. A gift from time.

I haven't looked at my notes in some time either, so perhaps that should be the next step. This process is all new to me, so I guess this path will be wrought with change. The story will change as I do. That is ok. I guess. Nothing I can do about that anyway.

Have an excellent day!

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