Sunday, July 16, 2006

Honest, I don't count words...

but when I do, it is fascinating to me. So far this "what ever it is" is at 27,661 words. I really don't think in terms of count, but every couple of months I count the words, just to see. Because I want another base to compare this to. A gauge of sorts. The story in many ways has just sorted itself out, the background is taking up more and more, because for the action in the present to happen, and be clear and have motivation, the backstory has to grow. I wonder if the story is there in the past, rather than the actual one I am telling. I feel more clear on the backstory.

I just printed out Ch. 2 to see where that is. What needs to be added. See, backstory. What a process. The coil of the story, each new thing clarifying the backstory. I can totally see how writers feel they can never finish, because there is always something new.

I know I have to go forward, because the drive back from the vacation in the story is happening. I have to rewrite the vacation too because there is stuff there I need to change. I know that. I have to add more backstory for the kid also, because the next pulse of the story will be a result of that.

Circles really.

Have a great day!

LitRefs: Tim Love's literary references

LitRefs: Tim Love's literary references Just spreading the love!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Collated again

Chapter 1's are collated from the one restored dead hard drive. Still needs so much work, but at least I am working from one place now.

I am still fascinated by what I have forgotten and the surprise of its retrieval. Good times!

Monday, July 10, 2006


I was going to work on more of my story earlier today at the library but I read a poem by WS Merwin entitled Place that threw me, and I ended up writing a poem in response.

God mine is depressing.

I haven't decided if I am going to post it or not. I was completely surprised by the severity and the rapid response to his poem. It didn't have to build, there it was. In about a minute and a half.

I guess the effect is the point. Ha!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Collation successful

Good morning. I have successfully collated the previously lost parts of Chapter One into the more recent Chapter One. It didn't add very much but a few images and ideas that I had forgotten. Some of the original C1 I have since moved into Chapter 2 and beyond. That will still require some placement.

Mostly what this has shown me, is the evolution of what I have done, how I have played with the characters, and changed them. This collation has taken the character to a new sort of third place, which I think collates him, them, a little better too. The initial pulse of this endeavor has changed over time, and I think this retrieved material helps me remember what I first was thinking. A gift from time.

I haven't looked at my notes in some time either, so perhaps that should be the next step. This process is all new to me, so I guess this path will be wrought with change. The story will change as I do. That is ok. I guess. Nothing I can do about that anyway.

Have an excellent day!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Reason 47

Reason # 47 why editing is so important. I just reread, after an almost two year absence, the name of the bookstore in my story, found in the files of the previously dead hard drive. It was really very bad. Somewhere in that time, the name was changed. That was a good thing.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ask me please!

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she asked me if I had been writing. I told her that I hadn't, not really, but I had been thinking about it. /excuses

I am very pleased that she insists/reminds/cares enough to ask this of me. I appreciate it very much. She can see what it means to me, and when people can see that for you, ‘tis a great thing.

I have been doing some writing, just not on the story that this blog chronicles. I have written a poem or three, and I do diary. I just haven't put much effort into the actual writing of the story. Rule #1 of writing, is to actually write. Otherwise, it is thinking, and imagining and preparing. I do enjoy the creative preparatory part, which is where the fun is I think. I have the day off today, so I am hoping I actually get some writing done.

Some one challenged me to write a cookie poem, so that has been brewing/ recipe-ing too.

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I am back. I was vacationing and now I am back. I had a glorious time and look forward to catching up reading the various poetry blogs to the left.

Vacations are good for the soul.