Friday, June 23, 2006

Character changes

Reading the lost, now found, earlier section of my story, reminds me how much my characters have changed since I started this. Trapper was much meaner and dismissive of the world than he is now. Character interactions account for some of this, but I know that some of it is that I have come to like him. I have a hard time being mean to my characters, galley slaves perhaps, but it is still hard.

I think I might need to mean him up again! The sliver of the story this story was based on had a much meaner guy. I don't want to write that guy, but some of his traits are useful. I will need to contemplate this a little more. I think that some of the ickier traits have siphoned themselves off to other characters. Those characters are more disposable, and I don't like them as much, so I can do to them what I wish.

I find this is really a fascinating process...

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