Friday, June 23, 2006

Character changes

Reading the lost, now found, earlier section of my story, reminds me how much my characters have changed since I started this. Trapper was much meaner and dismissive of the world than he is now. Character interactions account for some of this, but I know that some of it is that I have come to like him. I have a hard time being mean to my characters, galley slaves perhaps, but it is still hard.

I think I might need to mean him up again! The sliver of the story this story was based on had a much meaner guy. I don't want to write that guy, but some of his traits are useful. I will need to contemplate this a little more. I think that some of the ickier traits have siphoned themselves off to other characters. Those characters are more disposable, and I don't like them as much, so I can do to them what I wish.

I find this is really a fascinating process...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Completely off topic, but I found some of my lost story, and poems and essays

If you have a dead hard drive you are using as a paper weight, it is possible you could retrieve some of the stuff on it by freezing it and then hooking it up like an external hard drive, as a slave as it is called. I read about this technique a few weeks ago.

I had my IT guy at work do this today, after we froze my two dead hard drives. I was able to get everything off of one, but had less success with the other. I popped the second back in the freezer and we are going to try again tomorrow with that one. I can't believe this worked, but am telling everyone. I found parts of my story, poems, essays and family photos. Today was a good day. Cross posted almost everywhere ;-)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Napowrimo lives

I just got my chapbook. It is beautiful. You did a stunning job Maureen. Thank you again. Now I am off to read.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It continues, holy jeez

I have been struggling with how to show the change in the character, how he does what he does and why. The "why" is so important and I had the how but not the why. And I just figured out how to do that. This will make the opening action of the story, (I wrote book, and erased it, carts and horses please) make sense. I have had all but the genesis of what begins Trapper's story. This is wonderful!!!

The turn

I believe I might have an out for my plot angst. He has been on vacation since the fall, and today, I have thought of a way to bring him home. I won't kill the character I had planned on, I will make him live. And we know that is always harder. LOL I can always kill him later if I need to.

It will give the lead character a motivating place for his arc, and will test everyone involved. Sometimes, killing them is the easy way out. Now that I have realized this, I am actually writing. Not well, but it is a draft, and they suck anyway. This is the place for the plopping of the story upon the page. See, not well ;-) By only having the expectation of suckage, I have no where to go but up.