Saturday, May 06, 2006

April 5 and 6 annotations

Continuing annotations. Where did I leave off?

April 5: How to “make a Poem” (7 year old’s advice). My son is sweet. He told me one day about the stuff his teacher suggested about writing. I knew immediately that would be the next day’s poem. And what is so funny to me is that it was all excellent advice. What you learn in first grade is useful. He also was the first one, last year, to point out me as a poet. He was trying to remember the word poet. And he said, “You know, what you write on the computer.” When I said poetry, he got excited and agreed that was what he was thinking about, me as poet. Mouths of babes. I will take that stance. So it made for what I think is a cute poem. And all of the quotes in that poem are his. I still don’t know what he meant by “tap into your poem” but I love the nuance and depth that conveys. And the “permission” was just so interesting. I think he meant critique, allowing others to read, but I really think a writer/poet does give a certain amount of permission by the making public of it.

April 6: Still. The lines you say nothing / is wrong has been floating around for months. I love the line break because it gives one impression and then the break flips it and tells you so much more. I have tried to put it in a few other poemy bits, but nothing worked. It works well enough here, but I am still not sure. In front of the building in which I work, there are many juniper bushes with the best blue/grey/white blushed berries, like midnight. They are so beautiful and the bush branches hold the berries just so. Magpie: this is a reference to what Elizabeth Bishop said about her debt to Marianne Moore, “Perhaps we are all magpies.” Magpies steal nests, toss eggs of other birds. Heh, so do writers. A friend pointed out the snake imagery, she asked who it was. I hadn’t even realized that when I wrote it. I was just thinking about the speaking/not speaking the poem relates. Then it turned as I wrote it, and became about something, someone else completely. Fictional (actually) toward the end. My imaginings about any manipulative person and how they would be. The manipulative people who only views themselves because they are unable to see beyond that. Grumble grey popped one day, and I knew I had to use it. Sonics and tone. It worked perfectly here I thought.

I will stop here because the next one will get an entry of its own I think.

Thanks for reading!

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