Sunday, March 26, 2006

Scanning and other tortures

It just occurred to me that I can scan my story, what I have already printed out that has the edits I lost in the hard drive death, into an editable PDF and then cut and paste into a word document saving me the hassle of retyping all of the edits word by word, line by line.

I may have to do this rather than wasting time with the picking. Although the story could probably use that attention too. I just don't want to get frustrated with typing. I really don't enjoy that part at all.

I think then I will do fresh writing today rather than the edits I had planned. I like today's new plan.

Perhaps Trapper is ready to come home from vacation now, or maybe Chad will have to suffer a little more. Heh.

Speaking of Chad, I read this yesterday, and #5 immediately made me think of Chad. I will need to read Hal Duncan more often.

Have a great day. Off to torture the darlings.

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