Sunday, March 05, 2006

Images and memory

I put up a new image icon. My word cloud for this blog, a few nice words.

In other news, I finally checked my story. When my hard drive died a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure how much of the story I lost. I have hesitated to check, because I wanted to get over the HD death before I fell into what I may have lost. Well, I just checked, and I think I didn’t lose any huge chunks of story, but I did lose all of the corrections and edits I have done recently. I still have the paper copies so redoing these won’t be so bad. I really hope there were no huge chunks amongst those corrections.

I checked several of the chapters and that appears to be the bulk of the damage. The cute little purple jump drive I use to back up my story, seems to be corrupted. There are a few unreadable pages. This is why I started sending the chapters to myself in gmail. Good storage and doesn’t cost anything. Being paranoid sometimes does save your butt.

My method of editing requires printing out everything, after each update, for more revision, but this does insure having a paper copy available in case of death. Heh. Now collating each of these will be taking my time getting one correct copy. Merging of the words. Kinda what I am doing anyway. I guess because I lost so much of this story in my first hard drive death, Thanksgiving ’04, I am less frightened of it. I came back from that. Yes, it is true, that you do come back from such things. It really did amend what I was doing and writing. It turned out to be not a bad thing although I do grieve a few good sentences, a few good images.

Speaking of images, I love My Giant Sticky. See side bar link. What a fun concept to keep those images I want to remember available and not just in stacks where they might be lost or breezed away in the bustle of my life. When I come upon something that becomes a nascent idea/image/plot point for my story, jumping off point, I need to remember it. Probably doesn’t mean a thing to anyone else, but those bits are how I remember. The curtains being closed notation, for example, is how I am going to show a specific scene that, honestly, I wouldn’t know how to write. But that image will work to allow for privacy of character, revelation of character. The one thing writing has shown me, is how much I can’t write, don’t know how, but really want to try. My writing expands, ’tis grown...inspired by...heh

So hopefully today I will get some of that organized. We shall see.

April is impending too. The flowers grow, as do the thoughts of the task of NaPoWriMo. I haven’t seen any takers yet. I haven’t decided it I am going to till that garden. We shall see about that too.

Thanks for reading, and have an incessantly joyful day!

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