Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pendulum arms

…he says nothing
is wrong…

I have been waiting months for the rest of this poem to show up. I wrote some stuff around it before but it wasn’t working. It took away from the strength of this rather than complimenting it.

I will wait some more I guess.

The hard drive death was my clean sweep I suspect. I will resist both domestic and sport metaphors that could follow this.

April is teasing me and getting closer. I doubt I will participate in NaPoWriMo in any daily sort of effort. That will be too much I fear. Maybe...make it a weekly effort. Or who knows, I will change my mind and jump into the grind. It really did wear out my poetic muscles last year. It taught me so very much, all for the good, but I was spent. Spent!! Poetry shouldn’t cost that much, emotionally or viscerally. Or maybe it should. Specific poems should. Watch my indecision. My indecision as pendulum. I am picturing a tall tower now. Long arm. What is the arm on a pendulum called? I wonder if it enjoys the travails its lead takes. That is so me!!

Off to my day. Have a great one!

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