Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pendulum arms

…he says nothing
is wrong…

I have been waiting months for the rest of this poem to show up. I wrote some stuff around it before but it wasn’t working. It took away from the strength of this rather than complimenting it.

I will wait some more I guess.

The hard drive death was my clean sweep I suspect. I will resist both domestic and sport metaphors that could follow this.

April is teasing me and getting closer. I doubt I will participate in NaPoWriMo in any daily sort of effort. That will be too much I fear. Maybe...make it a weekly effort. Or who knows, I will change my mind and jump into the grind. It really did wear out my poetic muscles last year. It taught me so very much, all for the good, but I was spent. Spent!! Poetry shouldn’t cost that much, emotionally or viscerally. Or maybe it should. Specific poems should. Watch my indecision. My indecision as pendulum. I am picturing a tall tower now. Long arm. What is the arm on a pendulum called? I wonder if it enjoys the travails its lead takes. That is so me!!

Off to my day. Have a great one!

Friday, February 17, 2006

The death of rejection

It just occurred to me that with this second hard drive death that happened last week, that my rejection letter emails are gone too. That is funny.

I haven't had to guts to compare my printed pages to that which I have saved several places. But no guts to find out what I have lost. There is something to be said for the printed page. Tangible at least. I have a fireplace, but don't feel the need to dispose of it that way any time soon. And no wife to yank them back out again too. I am not that dramatic! /silly comparisons

Maybe this weekend I will take a peak. To see what poems I have lost too.

They really ought to make a hard drive that lasts more than one year and two months. It would be helpful.

Have a great evening!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Early Valentine

I got my valentine from Ted Kooser. Each year he sends women a Valentine. Last summer I gave him my address at a reading he gave here after he suggested that anyone who wanted to do so could. I did. I called myself brazen. I was going to include a poem of mine with the address but thought that a little to much.

I am not sure if it is copyrighted. I suspect it is. So I don't know if I should post it before Valentine's day!! Maybe I will google around and see if it is posted any where else.

Vicky, enjoying Valentine's Day early this year