Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lost amongst the layers

Yes! I found my maps. I had made maps of buildings and the town in which my story takes place. I had misplaced one of the building maps and the house map and just found them as I was paging through some notes. This pleases me greatly. I like the visual advantage the maps give me, allowing me to remember, plot time and path.

I have multiple copies of the printouts of the story. As I edit, I make the corrections and then print a new fresh copy for later and file the defiled copies. The maps were lost amongst the layers.

Also, sidebar. Nabokov wrote many short stories. I picked up a copy of his stories today at the bookstore. I have read two so far. He writes a Russia that I would want to know. Often times, I cannot connect with Russian lit, it just doesn't seem welcoming for the reader. His stories do very much. The people are so wonderfully human. Recruiting, specifically. Now I just have to figure out his acrostic at the end of The Vane Sisters (without children dropping parachutes around me) and I will be set.

So back to my notes. At least the binder is open. It is a start. A small start back to this story.

Thanks for reading!

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