Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to this blog who turned a big shining one year old yesterday. Yes, its mom missed its birthday, but dealing with one year olds is much work. And it was Jan 7 when I made my first real post, rather than a cursory testing, testing post. /excuses

I assumed I would have more to say about such an important date. I wish I could say I was busy writing but that would be wrong. I wish I could say the story is flying to me, me catching the words and capture them permanently in ink, or pixels, but that would be in error also. I am reabsorbing. I have been off the writing game for a bit. I realized that when I sent Trapper on vacation, I needed one too. To fill up again. I can’t spill forth without a little pressure from below. And when I don’t fill the pressure, not much flows. So here I am, one year plus, November really when this all started. This blog began last year as a way to track the story’s progress. I have. April interrupted that but not in a negative way. It showed me many things, April did, spring flowers and other clich├ęs I will refrain from drawing upon.

It is funny because although I am not writing much more than bits for this story these days, these bits are floating around and gathering and winnowing. I am working out where I want this to go by these floating chunks. They tend to be blocks of text rather than dialogue. So they feel weighty even if they do float. So I will leave them to their business doing the work they do. I can give up this power, delegate it to whatever is prompting my connection to these characters. I do trust this. I really like these characters. I think their interactions are interesting and common and beautiful. What we all have. Just a guy. I said this elsewhere today, and I think it epitomizes my lead character. It is how I start the story also. Oooh spoilers. We can only be who we are, mingled with the joy of learning and striving and leaning on those we know and love to help us along our way. I have known this all along, but Trapper is just learning that fact. I am pleased to be able to help him along and maybe even hold his hand.

Thanks for reading!


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