Thursday, November 24, 2005

Structure, excuse for the lazy writer, or a gift from the gods?

I have been thinking about structure lately. I think that my story might require some. I have been writing as I see fit, bits that come to me, but I think that perhaps I need some sort of structure that could help guide me. I have come to respect writers who use structure invisibly. Unless it is the point, I think it should be invisible. Only visible upon a second closer look.

My story has been floundering a little. The stopping place I reached some time ago hasn’t proceeded. There hasn’t been enough action. And we just don’t want to go to the place where the metaphor for “story of writer” as plot happens. We just don’t. I am letting the muse/whatever we shall call it happen. It seems to be resting and that is of the good. I am of the opinion that it will happen when it does, so I am not worried. But I hope that some thread occurs that ties this together. Some plot point extension that gathers the bits. There is the theme that continues unabated, but that doesn’t tell the story. That is my job. And right now, Trapper is on vacation. Still. Yes, I know, my issues. But seriously, I am not sure what will be next. The other characters seem to want to tell their story. And I know this is of the good as well, so I let them. Hence structure.

I bounce back and forth between structure being an excuse for the lazy writer who doesn’t want to do the work, and structure being the permission to go forth and create. Probably both, like most things, very few absolutes. So that is where I am. Wondering if I should impose another structure on top of what I have already. Or if I should worry about that later. I have to say, after I have some idea that I go back and work into the story, I feel like it is too purposeful and molded to be true, and it isn’t some organic thing. It isn’t. But as I found out last April, that isn’t a bad thing either. Lots of goods and bads here. I am so judgmental about all of this. Hey, it keeps me editing and we all know that is of the good.

I feel as if my writing has changed. I am verbing way more now too. I feel it in my speaking as well as my writing. Bad use of the word verb, but it is Thanksgiving and I am glad for all of my words. Joyce taught me that.

Have a great day!

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