Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vaudeville killed the opera star

I appear to becoming obsessive about small town details. Apparently there used to be opera houses, even two sometimes, in most small towns in the Midwest in the late 1800’s. Vaudeville killed these, the entertainment changing dramatically. Vaudeville killed the opera star… Evolution. Anyhow, some towns are not trying to refurbish these locations. They were most often on the second floor of a downtown building. The woman that told me about this said her town’s opera house was on the second floor over a hardware store. Ching, ching. This has to be worked into my story somehow. And also outdoors hot tubs. They are quite common in small towns now too. Groups of teenagers take full advantage of the qualities that are most intense about them. Or at least in this one specific town, where many of my characters seem to have arisen. The two sisters will need to have one. So they can watch the character “manage” his mannequins sometimes even in his hearse. (True story)

It really is amazing. The common general consensus is that small town living is the cornerstone of this country. But if the town I have heard about is any indication, then this country is quite um… screwed up to put it politely. I am just amazed that something that is generally considered the foundation of this nation and votes red in droves, really would shock the Republican mindset if that behavior were made public. It really is amusing to me. People around here think that city living is rife with crime, and inappropriate behavior, but no, not really compared to their own “small town” behavior.

People are equally screwed up everywhere. I don’t think location really matters. Is amused again. So much to work with, fodder, fodder everywhere.

Yesterday, I wrote the police scene with young, ever-growing evil, Chad. I will have to work on this. I haven’t had much experience dealing with police matters, so I hope there is at least a little bit of realism within the scene. I have dealt with crisis intervention, so I worked from that perspective. But then again, I haven’t dealt with drunken children, mannequin-loving postal workers, or testicle eating either, and that hasn’t kept me from writing about it.

I worry about the absurdity of all of this, but I realize that is absurd too. If I can manage to actually do this, I hope it works out in a way that isn’t so absurd.

My husband tells people now, who ask him what his wife does, that she is writing a novel. Dumbstruck now. Pressure too. Oh well, that is fine. I will keep that away, because that sort of pressure, pride, is not needed. I haven’t even called it a novel yet. But it is nice to see someone other than myself take it seriously. Makes it feel a little more real maybe. Not just me typing away in my basement office.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Having a ball!

Much detailing has been happening lately. The back-story of several characters have been revealing themselves to me.

I wonder how much control I have of this process. I think not much. Therefore I don’t need to worry about it. Actually I haven’t much. It is what it is.

I told a group of friends about this project. They asked if it was a novel and I told them that for now I am simply referring to it as my story. Interesting if that isn’t capitalized and italicized. Swings back around to what it will be. The major character hasn’t been in my spotlight lately. I have realized that some of the plot has been chosen because I know I am not a good enough writer to tackle certain ambitious ideas I have. My ideas are always so much better than the follow through. Most of the time anyway. So I think that the story will keep coiling as I improve. I think I have, at least a little. What I have become is much more critical of what I am reading. That too has been a coiling process. Little leaps and catch-ups and little leaps. So I told them the story outline. Broad, and kept a few details to myself. I don’t know what they would think of them, experimental if you will, so I kept silent about those. The world is building, and from that I need to be able to keep up. I think part of the reason I am looking to other characters right now, is that I had reaching a holding pattern on what I would do with Trapper. So for now, he is waiting. Ha, he is even on vacation right now in the story. On a hammock. What I am assuming will happen, and it has a few times already, is that he is waiting for me to reach him. He then will be able to move forward. Coiling. His hair has coils, my Medusa. I can’t look to closely or I will explode.

The friends were very supportive, interested. And apparently I am factually correct in my imaginings. One woman, who is from a rural area, explained that men in those areas have a dearth of women to choose to marry. There are none. They have all moved on, so the men left have begun to purchase wives. It is happening more and more often and isn’t considered rare any longer. Small town news you don’t hear about. And my good friend here even has um, testicles of cows in her freezer. I was shocked. She said I could visit any time to have a glance. So gross. But there are festivals and such. I don’t think I would have the stomach to attend one of those. I will leave them to the courageous. I will just write. I can do that. How well is still to be determined, I am just worrying about the how right now. The how and the when fills my thoughts. The actual output feels like smoke drifting aloft. In sight, but light and airy and uncontained. Capturing this, him, the story, is fascinating. I watch it while I do it, and I believe the story will capture this too. The gift of this is ongoing. I am having a ball. Every pun intended!

Thanks for reading!!