Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Things are percolating. I haven’t written here in some time but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking and pondering it. Things are percolating. There are a few poem bits gestating as well as story ideas. I will be traveling for the next two weeks and I hope to write. Long hand unless I can bring a laptop along. Either way I am hopeful. Recent activities have really energized and inspired me and I hope to bring that to my story and to the poems.

It is always amazing to me how interactions prompt creativity. Bad interactions as well as the positive ones. Lately, they have been positive. I don’t know what that will do to my writing. Joyous things I hope. I do hope and wish about my writing. With every word I absorb, every word I read and every word I write, I see the long road in front of me. Interestingly it is only getting longer.

Vladamir Nabokov said that his characters were his “galley slaves”. That is such an interesting fruitful idea. Taking the muse out of the equation. Taking the other out. They will do only as the writer pleases. I like that sense of control. Depending on the other doesn’t make for concrete writing. I feel that it should be a combination of inspiration, the spark that lights the way, and the hard road of the work. I haven’t had any trouble with inspiration lately although I will admit to being a little lazy avoiding the work. I allow anything to inspire me. I won’t limit that. I do find time limits me; all of the other aspects of my life have to be lived too. All I want to do now is write. I like the angles and the points and the expression. I haven’t had the focus on intent like this in some time. In many ways it is completely apart from my life. This solitary aspect is what I am reveling in. I don’t require anyone else around to do this. My life is so bound up with other things, which I love, but this is mine. I crave this now. The dilemma of all those who have a goal. I don’t know the goal precisely, but I know the feeling I want to achieve by doing this. I know how I feel when I do it.

I will try to update before I go. Thanks for reading.

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