Sunday, May 22, 2005


It doesn't happen very often, but I am swirling now. I wrote a poem. Yes, one of those ordered groups of words that I wrote so many of a month ago. But this one has me burning. I am almost afraid of it. When one goes to the center, one can be burned. How is that for removing myself from my own poetry? Wow, sometimes it just happens. The muse, whatever you want to call it descends and starts that fire. Not Joel, but little old me. Sometimes it just happens the way it should.

Maybe it was the James Joyce I was reading. Don't know, but I am very glad.

Mood: thrilled


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Very cool :) Sometimes you just get in the zone, eh? And you strike those words off and they spark just right.

    ~ Scroll

  2. That is exactly what happened yesterday and I am still feeling it today. Will revise.

    Thanks for commenting here. Turns out the feed comment space you know where, eats the posts and comments after a certain amount of time and they are gone forever.

    Thanks for dropping by!!