Sunday, March 20, 2005

World building

I may be exceeding my grasp. With every word I write, I see the very long hard road ahead of me with this story. It is getting so large, not in word count, but in world building. As my character’s world expands, and he gets out, I have to incorporate the world, his reaction to it, its reaction to him, other character reactions, other character building; it is really large. I forget what I write while I am in the flow, and am pleasantly surprised during the reread. I still need to find more poetry quotes to incorporate and this is very time consuming. I have built a calendar to keep track of events, as timing is everything. I bought index cards but have yet to use them. Too small. My new white board is coming in very handy though. I like to stay organized.

I plan on having my main character take a trip, and I just got that hook last night. When this plot dump happens, it pleases me so. I also think I will have the second trauma happen upon return from this trip. Trips change everything. I love trips! He will receive news that ties old events to recent events; guilt happens, angst happens, this will get all of the characters in an uproar. I have been waiting for this, as they have been too nice, everyone is getting along. Well no more!! I get to be mean now. Hee. No not really, but the first trauma, well actually the second, will help with dealing with the third. It is all tied together. Reactions. So much fun. The question “Who are you?” is an underlying theme here, and these events will realize that.

Now I just have to write this stuff. I love the imagining of all of this, it is very strong and forceful, but time consuming and thought consuming. I want to do this well, and with every reread, and every new word, I realize I need to go back and fix stuff. The plot has had no major changes, but my writing style, my abilities have, and when I reread the early stuff, I see what I need to change. I don’t know how any writer can actually finish anything; there are always changes that need to be made. I guess at some point, you just have to stop. Well, I am nowhere near that point yet, so changes await! All of this in just three months. I can’t wait to see what it looks like as I near the end.

I am still very excited by this whole process and words are flowing in other areas too. I just can’t stop writing poetry. I keep getting side tracked by that. No woe here!! I will be sending out a few more poems too. What the heck I say! All they can say is no. Oh well. I am still checking my email obsessively. Yes, that is just the way I am.

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