Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Shaded vistas

I have been thinking about inspiration lately. From whence we receive that gift. I have been inspired lately. Not to write so much, but rather to see the world in the way others see it. I find that deeply enriching and moving. I think that opens the door to places that we wouldn’t otherwise view, that an inspiration in itself. There have been a few instances lately, that I am open to the viewing.

A word, a vista, a turn of phrase. A shade, a twist, a surprise. All of these just open my mind to the possibilities. I worry sometimes that it is stealing a little, not that I use these directly, but I worry that I didn’t imagine them on my own. And then I do!

But there is no rush so great, or almost so great as that connection. I think that is why I am doing this, writing; I love to express that connection. I didn’t feel that need for years, but now I do. I think, maybe, expressing myself with words again, seeing my life through words. A new view. I have taken a step back. Back to that. But actually forward. I used to write a lot but my writing was sidetracked by life. Now I have some time to myself and can write. Again. I didn’t miss it when I wasn’t doing it, but now that I am doing it, experiencing it, I do miss it when I can’t.

Paradoxes untold, and now told.

So far, this time in the morning, it has been a great day. Surprises and twists. I gotta write a poem I think.

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